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The Purpose

Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change (MFOFC) Housing Connections is designed to help families communicate with other families with similar interests to find or create a home for their loved one with a disability.

Established in January 2013, MFOFC Housing Connections is the first of its kind offered in New England. It is our hope that this tool will serve as a key that opens doors of opportunity to help create an enriching life for the individual. A life that is filled with valued friendships, real relationships, meaningful employment, community participation and the ideal living situation to call HOME.



To protect the privacy of registered members of Housing Connections, each Member will be given a private Housing Connections email address to use. Only other Housing Connections Members will have access to the private email addresses assigned to other members. The Housing Connections Members will have access to the responses of other potentially compatible Members and will be able to contact them via email using these private email addresses.

All Members must agree to respect the privacy of others and not share information from this database via email or other means to any parties not affiliated with this group.


Using MFOFC Housing Connections

There are various ways to use this information. Here are some examples:

  • Members may choose to wait for other Members to contact them
  • Members may review potentially compatible housing match information to identify families who are seeking similar housing situations and email them directly
  • Members may email multiple potential matches. This allows Housing Connections members to present a description of a specific housing situation to a wider group.


Requirements for Joining MFOFC Housing Connections

There is no charge to join Housing Connections. MFOFC welcomes all people interested in the issues we pursue. If you are not currently a member of MFOFC, registration to MFOFC Housing Connections will automatically initiate membership.


The Housing Connections Process


The family member or caregiver will create a Housing Connections Account by registering. Registration will initiate membership to MFOFC and Housing Connections and create a Profile. The Profile is the identity of the Member and will enable communication with other Members while maintaining privacy.


The Housing Connector tool starts with a series of questions that relate to the individual personally, daily living needs, financial and material support and other relevant information. The answers to these questions will enable Members to locate people with similar goals who may be compatible future housing mates. Of course 25 questions cannot completely capture anyone’s unique situation, but the information gathered from the responses acts as a good starting point so that the Housing Connector Tool can search for potential housing partners.


Next the Housing Connector tool will search to find potentially compatible matches. You will be able to view the responses of other HC Members who share some major characteristics with you. Four questions will be used as the Key Factors to determine a more narrowly defined group of potential matches. Members have the option of using one, two, three, four or none of the Key Factor selections. The Key Factors are the region where desired housing would be located, transition date, age group and gender of housemates.


Members will be able to view information about some potential matching candidates. Now it's up to Members. Members will be able to contact other Members so that they can communicate further. Members can communicate (privately) by email. Members who wish to explore a housing partnership further will then be able to set up an initial meeting with one or more potential matches.

MFOFC Housing Connections Process from Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change


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